About us

  • Real books in digital formats.

    E-Book4Free.com was created as a kind of free showcase so that authors can offer their work to the public in those cases in which the laws of the market do not permit commercial printing and distribution. So E-Book4Free.com is also a chance for readers to discover new good quality literature.

  • We are not competing with commercial publishers.

    Commercial publishers logically prefer works by already well-known authors, or at least on topics that will bring them a certain commercial advantage. This is evidently to the disadvantage of first works and those by little known authors. Publication is always at the mercy of the market, and of the good fortune of finding a publisher who will take the time to read and evaluate a new writer. E-Book4Free.com, being a low-cost enterprise for the administrators, and absolutely free for authors and readers, can ignore the laws of the market, in particular those laws that guide the Italian publishing world. Consequently, it becomes a way of reaching a very wide public, it costs nothing and can be an effective acid test, and even a springboard for new authors. Every book published will have its own counter, to register how many people download the book; this mechanism will be useful to measure the interest that each book has aroused: it could also provide useful data to present to a “commercial” publisher in view of future printing.

  • Works on E-Book4Free.com are not to be found in commercial venues.

    The books you find on our site are not currently available in print and are the exclusive property of their authors, who take full responsibility for them. The authors can at any moment, with no particular formalities, withdraw their work from the site. We are convinced that it is in the authors’ interest that their work should appear in only one form and be found with only one publisher, so we advise our authors not to publish their work in other forms while it is still on our site.

  • Readers find in E-Book4Free.com a rich store of ideas in digital format, but with no compromises.

    EE-Book4Free.com gives readers the chance of discovering new works and new writers, and also of discussing them; by clicking on “review” it is possible to write one’s impressions, comments and criticism of a book on the site, and this could turn into an exchange of views. But the fact that the books are in digital form and there are these interactive possibilities must not make you think that at E-Book4Free.com we have foregone the idea of publishing “real” books; they can be read on the computer/reader/iPad, but they can also be printed and bound at home if so desired. So all books are downloadable in PDF format, (we are working to gradually make them all available also in ePub format) but it is also possible for you to print them like a normal book, with a jacket and margins for the binding.

  • We are updating the site to fully support ePub standards

    All books in our backlist will be made available in ePub format, that is in a standard open format specific for the publication of e-books, based on XML. So you will soon be able to load all our publications on your e-book reader, tablet, iPad or iPHone.

  • Enjoy your reading

    We hope the site will meet with the approval of a vast public of writers and faithful, attentive and above all curious readers, so as to justify the purpose of E-Book4Free.com and our hopes. And so we wish you A GOOD READING!


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